Venom and Antivenom2019-05-08T10:16:49-07:00


Venom is a complex concoction

Venom is a complex concoction, a blend of compounds “toxic and lethal… to immobilize” with some “enzymes to digest,” rounded out with other ingredients “responsible for important but non-lethal biological effects”. Collectively, these molecular components make up a vicious cocktail; pieces of a nasty and potentially lethal puzzle. By harnessing their individual strengths, each piece can be used in decidedly less deadly and more medically significant ways.


Antivenom is the only specific treatment for snakebites

Antivenom is the only available treatment for envenomation via snakebite. It operates on the “lock-and-key” principle of protein, which have a specific three-dimensional shape. They can only be activated or acted upon by an equally specific substrate, which must fit the protein exactly. Anti-venom is filled with anti-bodies that are a perfect fit for venom proteins, binding to them and preventing them from doing harm. If administered soon after the bite occurs, majority of envenomed victims recover.