Venom Resistance

Venomous snakes are resistant to their own venom

Intuitively, venomous snakes are resistant to their own venom. This protects them from any accidental self-inflicted bites, as well as those of any members of their species they come into conflict with. Venomous snakes already have antivenom flowing through their veins, and their blood can be used to  create antivenom that works in humans. And Beyond that, the antivenom of rattlesnake plasma is sufficiently potent, compared with commercial immunoglobulin antivenom, to be potentially useful in the management of snakebites.

Blood Serum

The blood serum of the Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake neutralizes lethal doses of its venom in mice.

Snake Eating Snakes

Venom resistance in snake-eating snakes

25 million years of co-evolution have fueled an incredible biological arms race. Certain snake species have adapted to subsist on other snakes.

  • King Cobra (Asia)

  • King Rattlesnake (Asia)

  • King Brown (Australia)

  • King Snake (America)