Neglected Tropical Diseases


Snakebites kill more than 100,000 people per year, the World Health Organization estimates. The organization recently took a step to reduce that number by adding venomous snake bites to its list of neglected tropical diseases – a classification that could help get more resources allocated to fighting this public health problem. (WHO did acknowledge that [...]

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Snakebites declared world’s biggest hidden health crisis


Snakebites declared world’s biggest hidden health crisis By Aine Fox, Press Association PA Ready News UK15 May 2019 Read Source Article Here A multimillion-pound programme has been launched to improve treatment for snakebites, which are thought to kill up to 138,000 people each year. Scientists said research is urgently needed into the problem [...]

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Long-term effects of envenoming compromise quality of life


Long-term effects of envenoming compromise the quality of life of the survivors of snakebite. We searched MEDLINE (from 1946) and EMBASE (from 1947) until October 2018 for clinical literature on the long-term effects of snake envenoming using different combinations of search terms. We classified conditions that last or appear more than six weeks following envenoming [...]

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March Community Awareness


Mduku, Zululand had an amazing community turn out. Special thanks to team at Anew Hotel in Hluhluwe for the free lunch! Spitting cobra collected from a household close by during our event. Same house had a vine snake earlier this week and a python ate 2 chickens last night! Ecobrick plastic project kicked off. [...]

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The Battle Of Antivenoms In Africa


iAfrica - March 19, 2019 Catching a snake's venom to produce antivenoms Snake antivenoms have been around for 125 years, are effective and can be produced cheaply at scale. Yet Africa, with its abundance of deadly snakes, has an alarming shortage of the life-saving medicine. COMPLEX PROCESS The method of antivenom production has changed very [...]

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Our First Community Snake Awareness Event


Our first, monthly community snake awareness was a huge success. Over 100 people of all ages with interesting and important questions attended our February event. Snake pharm will have a monthly community awareness, held on the last Sunday of every monthDonations gladly accepted, work exchange or just come stay with us, contact us for detailsRecent [...]

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https://www.accidents.co.za/2019/02/21/snake-pharm-south-africa-invites-the-community-to-a-live-snake-demonstration-and-education-in-hluhluwe/?platform=hootsuite Snake Pharm South Africa invites the community to a live snake demonstration and education in Hluhluwe Posted By: Jonckieon: February 21, 2019In: Road Print Email Join Fortune Sibiya, herpetologist and snake bite survivor, and Donald Schultz (Discovery Planet’s Venom Hunter) as he and the Snake Pharm team will be hosting a free snake education [...]

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