September 2018

What is Snake Pharm


Snake Pharm is a biotech company exploring the potential of natural resistances to venom, with a goal of developing a low cost, highly effective treatment to snake bite.

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Hooding behavior in Stilettos


Fig. 1. Atractaspis fallax PETERS 1867 Small-scaled Burrowing Asp HOODING AND CORKSCREW BEHAVIOUR The behaviour described here happened during a photo session with two snakes and does not appear to have been recorded before. Initially, the larger animal assumed the typical Atractaspis defence attitude (Branch, 1998, Field Guide to the Snakes and Other Reptiles of [...]

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Snake Pharm: Iquitos, Peru


Snake Pharm recently headed to the Amazon rain forest in Peru. The goal was to collaborate with the veterinary school to help with research and development of snake bite treatments.

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